Bye Yellow Pages (and white pages)

Post date: 01-Apr-2011 23:01:30

I was at the park today with my boy. There were about 3 other families there with their kids. From around the back of the park came about 5 teenagers with their box of Tui which they sat down at a park bench near this kiddies playground and proceeded to, what looked like, carry on drinking after an all night session.

Being there with children I thought it wise to call the police to get them to move the kids on, I didn;'t want to confront them personally - but could have stepped in in they started to make a nuisance of themselves.

So with my trusty iPhone I looked through my contacts for the number of our local police station (deeming it not worth a 111 call for an emergency), didn't have it. That ok I have the Yellow app for iPhone easy you'd think.

So I entered the following in the app:

And was presented with this result? Um really??!? Police = Martial Arts - interesting interpretation.

I didn't realise the Miramar was in Lower Hutt (I used Hutt City as I remembered from previous failed attempts that thinks are listed as Hutt City and not Lower Hutt).Ok perhaps I should be looking for a person then:

Oh I guess not.

At this point I rang 018 who promptly game me the number as a voice message, and a TXT message. So I was then able to call. But this had cost me, the 018 call and a few minutes of fussing around in the Yellow app trying to get what I thought would be a pretty quick transaction. I mean what is the point of having access to the complete Yellow and White pages, if nothing can ever be found? They ended up getting their money out of me anyway as I had to call.

But as I was leaving, I thought - what about google. Would the almighty search engine have the information I need? Would the almight, overseas based seach engine be able to find the information on our local police station, that the New Zealand run Yellow pages could not?

With the same amount of information, google was able to find it, and the inbuilt app highlighted the phone number and would let me call it. I'm sure if I persisted with the Yellow app and typed in "New Zealand police" with a location of Lower Hutt I would have found it, but at the time I didn't think of that, I shouldn't have to enter the exact name in order to find what I need.