Adding NextPVR Recordings as a Plex Library

On your NextPVR server:

In the Nextpcr Config.xml edit the config.xml


This creates the XML files on each recording.

On your Plex Server:

Install the Scanner and Metadata agent.

Your Plex Media Server directory is normally in the user folder of the user who installed it (unless you've moved it).

The metadata agent (NPVRxmlTV.bundle) goes in the plugins folder (NextPVR.bundle is the channel for live TV).

Then navigate (using the browser) to your plex server (or right click the plex icon and Open Plex).

Create a new Library section with the + button.

Add a new library

Type of "TV Show"

Give it a name (unimportant what it is)

Choose the folders to index, these will be your Nextpvr recordings directory (local if plex and nextpvr are on the same machine), or via the network.

Then under advanced you'll refernce the scanner and metadata agents. Scanners find the files that match a certain file spec. Metadata agents get the episode details - in this case, the Nextpvr Metadata XML file.

Once this is done it should start indexing.